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Collectively we have 24 years of experience in Entertainment Touring Logistics and have been partnering with clients who have trusted us to manage their touring logistics to over 141 countries and carefully looking after the needs for all 1,705 artists, crew and staff. During this time, we have built up a very high level of skill and expertise.

When you are out on the road, you need an experienced team behind you – one that can handle complex itineraries, deal with last-minute changes and emergencies and be on hand 24 / 7 should you need us. You get all this and more when you partner with us. Because every tour is different, you can expect a personalised service, tailored to you. We handle everything from private air charter, commercial air, sea, rail, coaches, night liners, luggage trucks / trailers and freight - we will help you decide the best way to get your people and equipment to where you need to be in the most efficient and economical way.

We have a deep understanding of entertainment touring logistics. It is a very organised space. Time is of the absolute essence. What differentiates it from regular group travel, is the lack of room for delays, damage or errors in scheduling. Every person and piece of equipment transported is paramount to the show.

Event Bookers appreciates that budgets are a key component to each show and we consistently manage to deliver substantial cost savings to clients using our trusted suppliers who we monitor on a regular basis. If you would like us to prepare a no obligation quote, or if you have any questions then we would love to hear from you.

"I genuinely hope that I get to work with Event Bookers again next year. The support and attention to detail is nothing like I have experienced before. The amount of changes we had to continuously make didn’t seem to bother them, or if it did, they kept it hidden. Thank you ladies!”

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