Lapland on the Rocks!

Lapland aurora

Four-night trip to Finnish Lapland

Combine Rovaniemi and Kemi, two lively cities in Lapland! Kemi is known as the home town of the Arctic Icebreaker Sampo and the world’s biggest Snow Castle. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, and its location by the Arctic Circle lures people all over the world. There’s plenty to do all year round – you can meet Santa in his workshop, visit reindeer and husky farms by snowmobiles and enjoy the days outdoors in fresh air!

Day One

Upon arrival at Rovaniemi airport we will meet you and escort you to your private luxury coach for the short 15- minute journey to your chosen hotel.


** Optional: Snowmobile safari to the city! **


We can deliver your thermal outfit to the airport ready for the snowmobile safari (for this we will need sizes in advance; weight, height and European shoe size). Head directly from the airport to the untouched Arctic wilderness, where you can immediately feel liberated from the stress and hectic pace of your everyday life. A real surprise to begin your Lapland adventure with a snowmobile safari right from modern Rovaniemi Airport to the wilderness of Lapland!  Change into thermal safari outfits at airport premises and proceed to snowmobiles.  After instructions on driving technique and safety rules you will start the first part of your Lapland adventure. Two people share one snowmobile, taking turns in driving. Drive through snow covered forests to today’s destination – Rovaniemi town and your hotel! Luggage will be delivered directly to the hotel.  Duration 1-2 hours.


Snowmobile lapland incentive trip

Arctic Light hotel

Arctic Light hotel is the first boutique property in Lapland – a unique blend of modern and cosy interiors with personal service in a relaxed atmosphere. There are 54 unique and well-equipped rooms in five different categories: 24 x Magic, 10 x Arctic, 6 x Polar, 4 x Polar+, 6 x Aurora Loft, 3 x Suite and 1 x Christmas cabin.  The large lobby area will be an excellent place to wind down from an active day in Lappish nature and a great spot for get-togethers!

Day Two

A sumptuous Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.   Dine at your leisure!


Snowmobile Safari

Meet your safari guides in hotel lobby and proceed on foot to pick up helmets from the Safari Club and continue a little further to snowmobile parking place.  You will have a full briefing of driving technique and safety rules before you start your day with snowmobile safari right from the city centre. Two people will share one snowmobile, taking turns in driving.

This is a modern way of moving in the snow-covered woods and has become also a part of everyday life for the Lapps. First you will drive on a frozen river to test your skills, and then mastering the basics follow your guide into the forest trails which will take you to local Reindeer farm.


Reindeer Farm

Upon arrival the mysterious welcome ceremony will take place in the dusky “Kota” building.  You will see the reindeer living in the farm and meet the herders and learn all about the life cycle of Reindeer.  Everyone can then try their skills in reindeer driving and obtain an official driver’s licence, valid for five years!


Husky Farm

After the reindeer farm you will take a short walk to the husky farm.  Upon arrival at the husky farm you will be greeted by the super friendly husky’s!  For centuries, people living in the Arctic have relied on a strong and tenacious partner; the Arctic sled dog, the husky to transport the catch of the hunt or medicines in harsh condition across inaccessible terrain.  This trip gives you the opportunity to experience something unique; the ties between the musher and the dogs formed on a joint expedition into the wilderness. You soon learn that behind its icy-blue gaze is a friendly canine character who works closely with people.


Everyone can enjoy a husky ride in a sledge pulled along by the husky team. Sleighs are driven by mushers .  After your exhilarating ride you will have a cup of warm berry juice and biscuits while listening to the facts of huskies and their lives here at the Arctic Circle.  A traditional Lappish lunch will be served – main course with coffee/tea and dessert is served at the Forest Manor restaurant.  Forest Manor was originally built in the Pajusaari district of Kemi in 1926 as a home for the factory owner. The massive wall logs of the manor and large windows have stories to tell about Finland in the 1920s.  In 2011 Forest Manor was restored to its former glory and relocated to the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi.

After lunch, you will return to Rovaniemi via snowmobiles.

Early evening meet in the hotel lobby for your private coach transfer to Snowland for dinner.  Snowland is a fantastic venue lit with fires and lanterns and the dinner is served in a real Igloo restaurant!  You will sit on benches covered with reindeer pelts and the dinner is served on tables made of ice. The roof of the igloo is like a starry sky. Due to the temperature of -3 Degrees, safari clothing is necessary to guarantee full enjoyment of this unique restaurant.   A beautiful 3 course dinner will be served!  Overnight at hotel.

Day Three

A sumptuous Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.   Dine at your leisure!

After breakfast you will meet your safari guide in hotel lobby.  You will board your private luxury coach that will take you to Kemi. Transfer time is approximately 2 hours.  Climb on board and say hello to ship’s friendly staff of the Sampo Icebreaker!  Shortly after boarding and welcome drink it’s time to take part in the presentation of the vessel, and to see how the ship crushes both solid and pack ice metres thick.  A guided tour takes you for a visit to the commando bridge, engine room and decks.  A three course Lunch is served in ship’s cosy restaurant.  After lunch you can experience an arctic swim – a dip in the icy sea, safe and warm in wet-suits, of course!

After the trip, you will be taken back to Rovaniemi by luxury coach.  There will be time to freshen up before a short 10-minute transfer to your dinner venue, on the top of Ounasvaara Hill!

Sky High Panorama Restaurant is one of the most popular venues for dining in town, and its Lappish specialities and international cuisine are hard to beat.  The restaurant has been voted one of the top 19 restaurants in Finland and holds the Chaine des Rotisseurs plaque.  A sumptuous dinner of 3 courses and coffee will be served for the group.

A transfer back to the hotel will be available for those that wish to retire, otherwise we will visit the many bars that Rovaniemi has to offer!  Overnight at hotel

Day Four

A sumptuous Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.   Dine at your leisure!

After breakfast you will meet in the lobby for your luxury private coach transfer to have a fun ‘Rally Olympics’ day.  Transfer time is approximately 15 minutes.

The Rally Olympics programme includes races with a rally car, cross car and funny car.  During this action-packed activity, you have a chance to feel speedy moments in a real rally car under a professionals’ control.   The driving instructor will give you valuable hints on how to handle the vehicle in exotic winter conditions!  The session starts with practice laps with an instructor, who sits in the co-pilot’s seat and can give you valuable hints for driving on the snowy and icy conditions. As soon as you are more familiar with the rally car, it is time for the competition!

Funny car is special designed car which does not act as you expect. When you turn the steering wheel to the right, the car goes to the left and vice versa. Does not sound too difficult but try out yourself… it will be much trickier than you think but we guarantee that you will hop out from the car with laugh!

On a snowy and icy track, you can throw the snow and test the functions of a cross car in winter conditions.  How does a special made cross car turn from the side of snowbanks? … this you will find out driving yourself!

Tyre changing and fastening the rally seat belts.  In a rally competition you may face some technical problems, such as a broken tyre.  Now your mission is to change the tyre, hop on the driver’s seat and fasten the 5-point harnesses as quickly as possible. The clock is ticking … !  At the end of the day the prizes for the winning team will be awarded with festive ceremonies.

Lunch will be served in an exclusive restaurant called Villa Maria, only five minutes transfer time from the tracks.

The unique Villa  Maria is a traditional log-built farmhouse on the shores of the Ounasjoki River. History of the house dates back to beginning of 1900 when it used to serve for example as shop, post office, school and tavern. The main building seats 92 people.

After lunch take the short transfer back to your hotel. The rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Early evening – meet in lobby for luxury private transfer to Poropiritti for a lumberjacks themed dinner.

Poropirtti is a traditional log cabin which was built already 1887.  Over 100-years old log walls create cosy atmosphere and those walls have heard many stories of lumberjacks and loggers!  In the beginning of 19th century these kinds of cabins offered a temporary home and resting place to the lumberjacks. The traditional Lappish life included hunting, fishing and of course reindeer herding.

Hospitality was a natural thing in many cabins in wilderness of Lapland – the same hospitality we wish to offer to you also.   Upon arrival at the restaurant you are welcomed by your lumberjack host & hostess. The welcome drink will be in true Lumberjack style – a Vodka shot! Everyone receives funny Lappish – English dictionaries and the Finnish name to be used throughout the evening.   A beautiful 3 course dinner will be served.

After dinner transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day Five

A sumptuous Finnish buffet breakfast is served in hotel restaurant.   Check out of your hotel and bid farewell to our guides and to beautiful Lapland.  Private luxury transfer to airport for your flight home.

EXTRAORDINARY OVERNIGHT VENUES – at a supplement to the programme

The Arctic Snow Hotel is an entire world of snow, an experience destination that provides an exotic possibility to spend the night sheltered by snow and surrounded by picturesque and placid Lappish nature and to experience Arctic specialities.

Temperature inside the room is some -5 Degrees but warm, for arctic condition meaning sleeping bags will keep you warm.  While sleeping you will need only long underwear and thin hat. Overalls and shoes will be left next to the bed.  Fresh air will guarantee good sleep!  In the morning breakfast will be served in the warm Lumi Kartano restaurant.  For luggage there is a separate luggage area as we don´t recommend bringing anything extra to your room. Toilets, showers and evening sauna are situated in a warm place, close to hotel rooms.

You are also welcome to enjoy the spectacular northern lights in a Glass Igloo!  Aurora alarm guarantees you won´t miss them, even if they should appear in the middle of the night.  All Igloos have a panoramic vision, heated windows and are equipped as a normal hotel room, with shower and toilet.

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