Top tips for finding the perfect venue

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We know how time consuming and tricky it can be choosing the right venue for your event as there are so many things to consider. The venue ultimately will have the largest impact on your audience, and more than likely be the most costly part of your event so getting it right is critical.


Know your budget right from the start.  Being flexible on your event dates can really help as some days are cheaper than others.


Think about where your attendees are coming from and make sure it is easily accessible for all those involved.  You may need to check public transport links, airport access, if there is car parking.


Choose a venue that is the correct size for your event.  It is important to make sure your plenary room is not too big for your numbers as this could mean your event will lack atmosphere.  Consider the use of break out rooms in conjunction with your plenary room to allow attendees to split off and have discussions or side activities.  Natural daylight and access to outdoor space is always a positive! 

Style of the venue

Think about the type of venue that would best suit your requirements.  Would you like a traditional or more modern and contemporary venue?   Will a hotel function room work or a more unusual, unique function space that doesn’t require much decoration.

Venue layout

What would be the best seating layout for your event?  Are you having a presentation, or an interactive discussion?  It is important to get the correct seating layout so that everyone can interact and get the most out of it.  Make sure you do a site inspection before you consider this aspect.    

Catering for your event

Would you like the venue to do catering?  If so, make sure you do menu tasting when on your site inspection and make sure the venue can cater for all special dietary requirements for your attendees (gluten free, halal, vegan etc).

AV Requirements

Consider if the venue already has their own internal Audio-Visual team, or if they work with an exterior AV company.  Some venues will insist you use their in-house team.   If you are using your own preferred AV supplier, consider taking them on the site inspection with you so you can discuss the main AV objectives and they will be able to inform you of the various possibilities.

Lastly, if you are not having on site assistance with us, make sure you know your Event Manager at the venue on the day of your event.  Having someone to deal with any problems that arise will be invaluable! 

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